Celena Turney 

Leading inspired change
through the arts.

Strategic Planning


  • Community Task Force Meetings
  • Executive Coaching
  • Literature Reviews
  • Questionnaires and Survey Instruments
  • Data Collection and Analyses
  • Mission and Practical Vision Statements
  • Short- and Long-term Action Plans
  • Board Presentation
  • Executive Reports

Drawing on years of experience and expertise, Celena Turney can facilitate a multi-step process that will lead to the implementation of an arts education program in your schools.  Bringing together the best ideas and deepest hopes of administrators, teachers, board members, parents, students and community, her process will help you unearth a quality arts education program in all its complexity -- one that is right for you and your students.  From State and Federal mandates to organizational culture; from standards-based curriculum to program administration and personnel; from instruction and methodology to program evaluation -- all will assemble in the plan's final design.

Celena Turney
Arts Education Consultant