Celena Turney 

Leading inspired change
through the arts.

Curriculum and Training

Celena Turney's gifts as a trainer of adult learners will assist districts in building capacity for the arts at all levels -- from classroom teachers to teaching artists, volunteers, paraprofessionals, administrators and board members.  Her leadership series for administrators provides the tools necessary to identify "best practices" in arts instruction and articulate outcomes for student learning.  Staff will have opportunities to experience authentic standards-based arts teaching, develop assessments in the arts, and empower staff to create rigorous arts lessons integrated into other curricular areas.


  • Arts-Integrated Curriculum Design
  • Standards-aligned Scope and Sequence in Arts Education
  • Assessment Tools in the Arts
  • Activity-Centered Trainings for Staff
  • Leadership Development Seminars
  • Collaborative Lesson Study
  • Master Classes
  • Artist Residency Design and Evaluation

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              Building Capacity in Arts Teaching and Learning: A Process-Centered Partnership                    for Schools and Arts Organizations


Arts Education

  • Project-Based Arts Integration: Using Common Core Exemplar Texts (Flyer)
  • Branching Out!  Creating Pathways to Academic Success Through the Arts
  • Elementary Principal's Arts Leadership Academy: Learning to Evaluate Site-Based Arts Education Programs
  • Using Technology, Realia, and other Instructional Aides to Support Student Learning in the Arts
  • Adapting Core Curriculum Resources to Help Plan Standards-Based Arts Lessons
  • Making Arts Learning Visible
  • Developing a Dynamic School-Based Residency
  • Creating a Dance Education Program in a School Setting
  • Using a Common Language Across the Arts
  • Introductory Elementary Music and Visual Arts Training for Arts Specialists and Arts Docents
  • Visual Arts Integration Workshop for the Elementary Teacher
  • Best Practices for Integrating Music and Language Arts.


  • Using Museum Exhibits and Movement Ideas to Enhance Student Learning within Common Core Standards
  • How to Integrate Dance into the Curriculum for English Language Learners
  • Integrating Dance and Literature in the Classroom
  • Comparing Choreography to the Writing Process
  • Integrating Science and Dance: How the Body Fights Disease
  • Theme-based Creative Movement Choreography To Enhance the Kindergarten Curriculum
  • Creating and Using Realia in Standards- based Dance Lessons
  • Planning an Integrated Folk Dance/Social Studies Unit
  • Folkdance as a Means of Differentiating Instruction
Celena Turney
Arts Education Consultant