Celena Turney 

Leading inspired change
through the arts.

Arts Education

To build arts education in your schools,
you need to be part artist,
part teacher, part principal,
part parent, and part child-at-heart.

Give your schools
an educational consultant
who knows her parts,
and knows them well.

ARTS EDUCATION is the bright color our schools need more of -- it ignites the imagination of the young, it gives the next generation the capacities to think more creatively, to reason more clearly, to unlock parts of the brain and heart that none of the other disciplines -- none -- can access.

We have returned to a state of crisis in its educational funding, on the heels of these many years of emphasizing testing over everything else -- over dancing salsa, over singing jazz and acting Romeo oh Romeo and playing the violin (and, occasionally the fiddle).

The time is right for a different kind of consultancy, one that understands an artist's creative method, a teacher's pedagogical regimen, and a principal's complex logarithm of funding and regulation.

fuses her years of artistic achievement, and her years in the classroom as a teacher and coach, with a master's in Public Administration.  She can offer your school district a different kind of advice, coaching and guidance: one uniquely suited to building sound partnerships between foundation, artists and educators.

Celena Turney
Arts Education Consultant